Two-Part Epoxy Primers

Two-part epoxy primers are structural steel primers that require two-components, which cure chemically by crosslinking. The resulting film is abrasion, chemical and moisture resistant. They are intended for use over properly prepared steel and concrete. They are suitable for many industrial exposures such as structural steel, power plants, marine applications, water treatment plants, and tank exteriors, to name a few.

Two-Part Epoxy Coating Advantages

  • Waterproof
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Provides excellent adhesion


Enviro-Pox 949 High Build Epoxy Mastic is a high-quality coating that can be used with or without primer over steel, galvanized metal, aluminum and concrete. Enviro-Pox 949 High Build Epoxy Mastic bonds directly to steel or concrete. A single coat can out perform several coats of alkyd coating. Two coats of this coating may be applied at one-hour intervals for a total of 15 mils dry film.

  • Name: Enviro-Pox High Build Epoxy Mastic 949 Series
  • Colors: Haze Gray 949D0327 (white and custom colors available)
  • Two-part kit, 1:1 mix
  • Primer / topcoat
  • 1 - 2 hours dry-to-touch
  • VOC 1.86 lbs/gal (223 g/l)
  • Suitable for some immersion service
  • Meets performance requirements of SSPC Paint no. 22, MPI # 108, MPI # 120, 
  • MIL-C-22750, MIL-P-23377
  • Technical Information Sheet - TIS 949


Rust Inhibitive Epoxy Primer contains rust inhibitive pigments, which combat the onslaught of corrosion. Coupled with the inherent tight film associated with two-component epoxies, this primer offers excellent protection to properly prepared steel.

  • Name: Rust Inhibitive Epoxy Primer 346 Series
  • Color: Gray 346D7714B 
  • Two-part kit, 5:2 mix
  • 50 minutes dry-to-touch
  • VOC 3.5 lbs/gal (420 g/l)
  • Meets performance requirements of MPI # 101, SSPC Paint no. 22
  • Technical Information Sheet - TIS 346 Line


Coal-Tar N is a bituminous, two-component polyamide-epoxy. It can be applied in one coat application of 18 mils with no loss of adhesion. It displays excellent weathering and resistance to salt and fresh water degradation for steel and concrete. Coal-Tar N is recommended for use on a large variety of steel or concrete structures.

  • Name: Coal-Tar N Coal Tar Epoxy 
  • Color: Black 100N7728
  • Two-part kit, 1:1 mix
  • 3 - 4 hours dry-to-touch
  • VOC 1.70 lbs/gal (137 g/l)
  • Achieves film of 16-18 mils in one coat, but two separate coats recommended for immersion service
  • Excellent water, chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Meets performance requirements of MIL-C-18480B, SSPC Paint no. 16, MPI # 35
  • Technical Information Sheet - TIS 100N7728

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