Industrial Primers & Coatings

We manufacture a comprehensive line of industrial primers, intermediates and finish coats.  Whether it’s a shopcoat primer to protect steel prior to erection or a complete coating system for long-term protection and aesthetics, we can meet your needs. Sumter Coatings industrial primers and coatings include:

High Performance Protective Coatings
Primer/CoatingTypical ApplicationsResistance
Inhibitive Shopcoat Primers Structural Steel Corrosion resistant
Structural Shopcoat Primer Structural Steel Corrosion resistant
High Solid Inhibitive Primer Structural Steel, Iron Substrates Rust inhibitive
Heavy Duty Inhibitive Primers Warehouse, Manufacturing, Plants, Schools, Storage Tank Exteriors Rust inhibitive
Universal Protective Primers Storage Tanks, Industrial Plants, Machinery, Structural Steel Corrosion resistant
Organic Zinc Rich Primer Chemical Plants, Oil Platforms, Ships, Power Plants Highly corrosive environments
Inorganic Zinc Rich Primers Storage Tanks, Industrial Plants, Machinery, Structural Steel Weathering protection
Two-Part Epoxy Primers Structural steel, Power Plants, Marine Applications, Water Treatment Plants, Tank Exteriors Waterproof, Corrosion resistant, Provides Excellent Adhesion
High Build Epoxy Mastic Heavy Industrial, Chemical Platns, Pulp & Paper Mills, Plywood Plants, Crude Refineries Corrosion resistant, Weathering protection
Industrial Water Based Primers Structural steel Corrosion resistant, Weathering protection

Primer & Coating Color Options

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