274 Series Dtm Acrylic Enamel

274 Series Dtm Acrylic Enamel

274 Series Dtm Acrylic Enamel
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274-SERIES DTM ENAMELS are durable, gloss synthetic coatings for interior and exterior protection of steel and aluminum. They have been specifically developed for protection and decoration of metal exposed to industrial and highly humid environments. These enamels will provide a corrosive resistant coating for maintenance and machinery painting, as well as for use on heavy capital structures where long-term paint life is expected.

274-SERIES DTM ENAMELS can be used on production lines where fast air dry is needed. They may be applied direct-to-metal, or over a suitable primer for even greater protection.

Recommended Use:

  • Trailers
  • Benches
  • Drums
  • Elevators
  • Fire Doors
  • Lift Trucks
  • Hand Trucks
  • Conveyors
  • Farm Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Waste Containers
  • Steel Door Frames
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Metal Furniture
  • Machinery
  • Bins
  • Hoists
  • Mills
  • Pipe
  • Racks
  • Tanks
  • Motors

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