Enviro Tuff Polyurethane 459 Line

Enviro Tuff Polyurethane 459 Line

Enviro Tuff Polyurethane 459 Line
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Enviro-Tuff® Polyurethane (459 Line) is a two-component polyur ethane coating formulated to protect and decorate steel and iron substrates in a variety of environmental conditions, both interior and exterior.

Enviro-Tuff® Polyurethane (459 Line) has very good weathering and gloss retention properties and is resistant to a variety of chemicals to which it may be exposed. This coating may be applied direct-to-metal or over a suitable primer.

Enviro-Tuff® Polyurethane (459 Line) is intended for use in industrial environments such as refineries, chemical plants, power plants, tankage, piping, pulp paper mills and exterior mezzanines. This product has good resistance to abrasion, solvents, acids, alkali, salt and fresh water.

Enviro-Tuff® Polyurethane (459 Line) meets or exceeds the performance requirements of SSPC Paint No. 36 and MPI # 72.

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