Water Reducible Shopcoat Primer

Water Reducible Shopcoat Primer

Water Reducible Shopcoat Primer
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Waterbase Shopcoat Primers are good quality shopcoat primers for steel that will be exposed for up to 3 €“ 6 months. They are ideal for steel exposed to a normal environment. They can be used for general industrial maintenance.

Waterbase Shopcoat Primers meet the exterior exposure requirements for TT-P 664D, TT-P 636, SSPC Paint no. 23 and MPI # 107. They dry hard and take gloss enamel topcoats without danger of alligatoring or cracking the finished coat.

Waterbase Shopcoat Primers were formulated to be non-photo chemically reactive and to be HAPS and TAPS compliant.

Waterbase Shopcoat Primers were designed especially for filling properties on rough and pitted steel.

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