Propane Tank Coatings

Propane Tank Coatings

At Sumter Coatings, we're very devoted to providing our customers the best coatings to conform to their needs. We have ongoing research to improve the coatings and are always exploring ways to keep our costs down. One of those areas we have researched and offer specific specialty coatings for are for protecting propane tanks and and related equipment. 

When it comes to propane tank coatings, aesthetics play a vital role and we understand this need.  We will always provide the coatings best suited for both protection and appearance.

We not only provide coatings to the end users painting in the field, but also supply refurbishers the premium products they demand when painting over blasted metal.  We have the ability to fit your product needs with the right products.  These products are sold directly to the qualified applicators serving the propane industry.

Most of our propane tank coatings and other products for the propane industry can be obtained from one of our many distributors. Find a distributor close to you.




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