Galvalox Cold Galvanizing Compound

Galvalox Cold Galvanizing Compound

Galvalox Cold Galvanizing Compound
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Galvalox is an organic zinc-rich coating that creates a sacrificial barrier which protects from corrosion and helps to prevent rust and extend the life of steel.

Galvalox can be applied using various methods, such as brush, roller, or spray. It is typically used in applications where hot-dip galvanizing is not feasible or cost-effective, such as touch-up repairs, small-scale projects, or situations where the steel is already in place.

Benefits of Galvalox:

  • Corrosion protection:The primary benefit of Galvalox is its ability to protect steel surfaces from corrosion.
  • Cost effective:Galvalox is a cost-effective alternative to hot-dip galvanizing.
  • Ease of application:Galvalox is ready to use and available in brush-on and aerosol form.
  • Quick dry time:Galvalox has a relatively quick dry time, allowing for faster project completion.
  • Versatility:Galvalox adheres well to various substrates, including bare steel, previously galvanized surfaces, and partially rusted or damaged areas.
  • Environmental protection:Galvalox is AIM VOC compliant.
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