Zinc Rich Primers

Zinc Rich Primers

Our zinc-rich primers offer superior long-term protection for steel from corrosion and have excellent adhesive and protective properties. They perform similarly to galvanizing for structural steel surfaces. These primers contain a high percentage of zinc dust, which acts sacrificially when in direct contact with the steel. The zinc salts, which invariably form, fill the pores of the primer sealing off the steel substrate from moisture. They also are very flexible when applicating, as top coats don't need to be applied immediately after the primer.

We provide both organic and inorganic zinc rich primers. Inorganic primers are typically only spray-applied. While organic primers can be applied by brush, roller and spray. Contact Sumter Coatings today for more information on our zinc rich primers!

Organic & Inorganic Zinc Rich Primers

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Enviro Zinc Organic Zinc Rich Primer Enviro Zinc Organic Zinc Rich Primer Enviro Zinc Organic Epoxy is the primer of choice in highly corrosive environments Primer View Detail

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