Electrostatic Epoxy Coatings

NuCharge It™ electrostatic coatings are environmentally safe, containing no lead, chrome, or heavy metals, and meet the stringent VOC (volatile organic compounds) regulations in most parts of the country.  We offer durable, attractive finishes for both interior and exterior applications.  All of these products can be applied with electrostatic, conventional, or airless spray equipment.  We offer three premium topcoats, along with premium primers, reducers and additives, see our Technical Information Sheets.

Electrostatic Coatings Options:

  • NuCharge It™ Low VOC Epoxy is a two-part epoxy that is offered in satin, semi and full-gloss finishes.
  • NuCharge A-Thane II is a low VOC acrylic urethane that is high solids and is offered in a semi and full-gloss.  This product is a must when long-term exposure is needed outdoors.
  • Electrostatic Low VOC Enamel is a state-of-the-art product when compared to single part enamels.  This product is available in semi and full-gloss finishes.


Our NuCharge It™ electrostatic coatings are available in stock colors and other special colors.

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