Paint & Coatings Manufacturing for Existing Formulas

Sumter Coatings will manufacture & package your desired formulas. Don’t want to be bored with the mundane manufacturing and prefer to spend your valuable time developing and selling your unique products? Let us provide all the manufacturing and shipping services. We can source your unique raw materials and keep them in inventory to allow for prompt response to your order. Typically, ten work days, or less, are all that is required to make and ship your special order. We can make large batches, which offer lower costs to you, or even small orders where needed. Special colors are not a problem because we specialize in custom color matching.

Sumter Coatings is know for:

  • Contact Packaging
  • High Quality Product Manufacturing
  • Having Quick Response Times
  • Being Very Attentive to Customer Needs

Whatever your background, entrepreneur just starting out, established company needing extra capacity, or international company wishing to become established in the U.S., we can be of assistance.

For more information on how Sumter Coatings may assist, please contact us today.

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