Ornamental Iron Primers and Finish Coats

Ornamental Iron Primers and finish Coats

Ornamental Iron

Our devotion to this industry is very strong.  We attend the annual NOMMA show, which allows suppliers like us to meet the fabricators and learn exactly what their needs are.

Our Metal Master specialty coatings are lead by our signature Satin Sheen paint.  This is a DTM (direct-to-metal) product that yields a beautiful satin finish and offers protection when used as a primer and topcoat.  This product dries to a hard finish in short time allowing jobs to be installed within a couple of days without damaging the finish.  

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Metal Master is also made up of a beautiful gloss finish that is offered in black and white.  Several protective primers are available to choose from that will work with either our gloss paints or our Satin Sheen line.

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Ornamental Iron Primers and Finish Coats

ImagesProductDescriptionTypeView Detail
Satin Sheen Enamel Satin Sheen Enamel A modified resin blended with rust inhibiting pigments to provide a one-coat primer/finish. All colors are lead and chrome free. Satin Sheen Enamel was developed with a low gloss to reduce damage to the coating usually caused by rough handling. This product was developed to have good weather resistance and be flexible so not to chip, like gloss enamels, when abused Finish Coat View Detail
882 Line Gloss Enamel 882 Line Gloss Enamel A special blend of alkyd resins to make an economical paint that has good gloss and color retention. This Enamel offers quick dry, high gloss, good flexibility, and a very durable finish that is weather resistant Finish Coat View Detail
801 Series Shopcoat Primer 801 Series Shopcoat Primer Formulated as a V.O.C. compliant primer, using no heavy metals, which allows for easy disposal. It is ideal for steel exposed to a normal or mildly corrosive environment. Shop Coat Primer dries to a nice hard finish allowing top coating of most single package enamels without blistering, lifting or alligatoring. Primer View Detail
High Solids Universal Primer High Solids Universal Primer Formulated to comply with TT-P 664D. It is an excellent primer for use on bare metal or over existing paints creating a barrier and allowing various topcoats to include Epoxies and Urethanes. Ideal for steel that will be exposed to mild or normal corrosion environments Primer View Detail
Vinyl Pretreatment Primer Vinyl Pretreatment Primer Developed for use on steel, aluminum and galvanized steel surfaces. Pretreatment primer insures good adhesion of the topcoat because it chemically bonds to the metal Primer View Detail
LV Uni Pox Primer 755 Series LV Uni Pox Primer 755 Series **NEW** LV Uni-Pox Primer 755 Series is a blend of premium resins that are combined with rust inhibitors and other key ingredients, that make this an excellent product. LV Uni-Pox Primer 755 Series is offered in 3 colors, and is lead and chrome free. All colors offer excellent weather and corrosion resistance Primer View Detail

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